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As an experienced and passionate instructor, I’m committed to helping you reach your highest level of success. No matter what your learning style or skill level are, my personalized approach will provide the guidance and support you need at the pace that’s best for you. Get in touch to learn more about my services and how I can help.

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I am a fully qualified Level 3 personal trainer who is passionate about helping all women to reap the benefits of exercise and well being.  Until my mid-40’s I avoided doing any exercise. I was not sporty, felt intimidated by big gyms, thought it hurt and was not fun. A slipped disc with months of debilitating pain and being nagged by my physiotherapist made me realise that something needed to change.   I reluctantly and at first very nervously embraced strength training, running and swimming and have not looked back since.  I have lost weight, feel stronger and am more toned, have more energy and never have to diet.  I decided to train as a personal trainer so that I could specialise in helping  women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels find their mojo, make long term sustainable changes to  be fitter, slimmer, stronger and more toned.  As a working mother I understand how busy women’s lives are, juggling many balls.  Fitting in “me time” is often tricky but a friend of mine once  said to me “If you don’t look after yourself then you are not going to be fit to look after your family”. This was a lightbulb moment for me & so true. 

I am passionate about helping all women reap the benefits of exercise and am empathetic to your needs whether you are fighting obesity, want to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, tone, strength train or build cardiovascular endurance.  

Using my professional knowledge I ensure that all sessions, whether one to one or in a  group class are appropriate for the individual. Classes are kept small to ensure I am able to give individual attention to all.   Carefully planned and structured sessions ensure  full body workouts  delivering optimum  results with just the right amount of challenge. I aim to inspire, encourage and motivate you to achieve new levels of fitness helping you reach your goals, and benefit  from  the  sense of well -being, good health and happiness that exercise brings. I pay particular attention to using the correct techniques to ensure safety,  and most importantly deliver the  results my clients want  through individual customised, balanced fun and varied programmes.

I can train you in your own home, garden or you can come to me at the Barn at Greens Norton. 

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In April last year, I started a whole new health and fitness regime carefully planned for me by Jo. With her help, I have made some amazingly simple changes to my diet and daily exercise regime which have made a huge difference to my health and happiness.

Changes to my diet resulted in weight loss and upping my exercise - including a simple daily power walk & a weekly training session with Jo -  helped me feel so much more energised and motivated.  This has had such a positive affect on my life in general.

Jo tailored our hour long sessions to take account of my age, fitness level and some existing medical conditions. Each week we followed a different and exciting plan introducing me to completely new equipment.  With her encouragement, I have been coached out of my comfort zone and been amazed at what I could achieve with her support and guidence.  Over the months I have felt all the benefits of getting fitter and feel I can now look forward to a much healthier future.

If you are looking to make changes to your health and and fitness, I really recommend joining a training session with Jo. 

Don't put it off any longer!

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My Beliefs

I passionately believe that you are what you eat and what you do.  It impacts how you feel, how you look, and your health, both in the near and long term. It about food and exercise of course, but a balance is needed.  Which foods, when? What type of exercise? And we need to have fun, we need to learn, be curious, we need excitement, discovery, reward and autonomy. Yes, lasting change takes place when we do what we choose to do, not what someone tells us to do.  Of course, variety is needed to help our bodies and our minds.  We need to train our muscles, our bones, our lungs, our brains and hearts.  Our conscious and sub-conscious thoughts need to change & we really do need a whole variety of nutrients to best supply our prescious mind and body.

This is why I, at Mojo Fitness & Health, take an holistic approach: I give you the information, the encouragement and the mojo needed to make sustained and real change in the way you act, look & feel.  

I run courses for small groups who enjoy working together for energy and support. I will soon also run highly personalised one to one courses with content specifically tailored to your own needs and circumstances

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